A Different Kind of Tour

“The reason I started PhotoEnrichment Adventures was to share the amazing places and cultural experiences I’ve had, with other, like-minded people. I also enjoy passing on my knowledge of travel and photography to enthusiastic and interested people from around the world.

Participating in a PhotoEnrichment Adventure is meant to be an overall cultural experience, not simply a photo tour.  I’ve become very good friends with so many of the wonderful people who join my trips, and you will too.”

– Ralph Velasco, Founder / CEO (Chief Experience Officer)

PhotoEnrichment Adventures (PEA) was initially founded in 2005 by travel photographer, author, and experienced international tour organizer Ralph Velasco, who at the time was leading local and domestic photo walking tours in his spare time, while working full-time as a financial adviser.  With the stock market crash in September of 2008, Ralph decided it was the perfect time, and a clear sign, to leave the financial services industry altogether and to focus full time on organizing, administering and leading both domestic and international, small group cultural tours around the world, which he had experience doing locally and for short periods of time (4 days maximum) up until that point.


The First Trip

The first international trip Ralph ever led was to the Central European Christmas markets, and needless to say it’s been an incredible journey ever since.  In the meantime, he’s organized and led more than 80 small group, international tours around the world, both under the PEA banner and for other companies.  Those trips have included Spain, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Tuscany, Lapland, Mexico’s Copper Canyon, Egypt, Romania, Turkey, Bhutan, Nepal, Iceland, Morocco, and other destinations.

Additionally, as of this writing PEA has organized and administered, and Ralph has led, well over a dozen fully-licensed People-to-People exchange and Humanitarian programs to Cuba. He’s also led multi-day domestic tours to Joshua Tree National Park, Death Valley National Park, San Francisco and to his hometown of Chicago.

This is NOT a Workshop

Our PhotoEnrichment Adventures go way beyond your everyday kind of tour, but they’re certainly not a photo “workshop,” either.  Workshops often consist of long, hard days of shooting with a variety of photographic assignments, downloading at night, daily image reviews and critiques, post-processing sessions, and more, so it’s all photography, all the time.

Workshops are fine, but not what most people would consider a vacation because W-O-R-K is four letter word, and with PEA you’re in these wonderful places to have fun, while at the same time have the opportunity to make great photographs, if you choose.

In addition to photography, which you’ll likely do for anywhere from 2 to 4 hours each day, on average, you’ll also be exposed to the culture of each place, including its people, the food, music, dance, and the many other aspects that make travel great.

It’s important to remember that “travel photography” is two words, so we encourage clients to spend as much time really traveling and experiencing each location, as they do photographing them.  We encourage you to “put the camera down” and not spend your entire trip with your eye to a viewfinder.

If you’re looking for a photo workshop then a PhotoEnrichment Adventure may not be for you, and we want you to know exactly what kind of experience you’re in for on our trips.

For much more information about us and our tours, please see our detailed Frequently Asked Questions.

  • “LOVED your presentation at The Refinery on Saturday!! You got me motivated to travel & I learned a lot!!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME and for sharing your gift!!”

    Carole Haner-Brackett Photography Basics Meetup participant
  • “Thanks again for such an amazing trip…my photography interest and appetite has completely grown since the trip and I have come back so invigorated and inspired.  I’m excited to learn more and begin to take some higher quality pictures.”

    Sarah Radka Cuba tour participant
  • “Thanks for a great trip.  All went smoothly and I had a great time.  I return a better photographer for certain and have a new perspective on what I see.  You offer a great product – smart itineraries, hotels and food choices…I look forward to another trip.”

    David Wild Morocco tour participant
  • “The fun, adventure and friendship with you means everything to us, along with a great photo or two along the way!”

    Brandon and Shea Mayberry Morocco and Spain tours participant
  • “Ralph, Morocco truly is magical!  Thanks for a beautiful two weeks!”

    Leslie Talley Morocco, Turkey and Cambodia tours participant
  • “Our tour leader Ralph was one of the most knowledgeable trip leaders I have experienced over the past 40 years. He is a very experienced photographer and generously shared his knowledge, talents and experience with us.  I think I learned more composition skills and believe I am a better photographer.”

    Larry Ehemann Central Europe, Cuba East and Romania tour participant
  • “I really liked the [small] size of the tour. It felt like traveling with friends from very early on, and continued to feel that way. That last hotel we stayed in, the one in Budapest, was such a treat! Those views were fabulous, and it ended the trip in style. Ralph is a good trip leader… He wasn’t hovering, but he did stop and give tips and I felt well-tended. The local guides were all outstanding!”

    Heather Hellier Central Europe tour participant
  • “Ralph is an engaging and knowledgeable photographer that puts his world class experience in your hands. This trip has been off the charts.”

    Steve Grove Travel photography class, Cambodia and Vietnam tour participant
  • “The photo critique alone [at the Photography Boot Camp] is worth the price of admission.”

    Shaune Kelly Photography Boot Camp, Cuba and Tuscany tour participant
  • “Great examples clearly demonstrated the points Ralph made.  His teaching methods made many things much simpler to understand.  I thoroughly enjoyed this class!”

    Brenda Hatcher Photography Boot Camp participant
  • “This was my second Photography Boot Camp with Ralph and I’m surprised at how much more I learned about the basics again this time.”

    Ed Dunne Photography Boot Camp participant
  • “A couple of years back after I invested in my awesome camera (!) Bret & I went to the LA Travel Show and sat in on a travel photography seminar by Ralph Velasco. Today I was looking at my photos from our adventures since then & I have to say that that discussion totally changed the way I took pictures of our adventures together and I couldn’t be happier about it! If you ever get a chance to hear Ralph speak or take a class of his, do it!  You won’t be disappointed!”

    Molly Godfrey Travel show participant
  • “I learned more about my camera and photography in the last three days with Ralph than I did in the last three years.”

    Jim Brian Cuba tour participant
  • “Great class!”

    MB Haag Travel photography class participant
  • “It was great.  Now I just need to go out and use what I learned!”

    Carol Kirkbride Travel photography class participant
  • “This has helped me to be more intentional about composing images!”

    Chris Mendez Travel photography class participant
  • “Information presented in a non-threatening atmosphere and was easy to understand…Ralph is both inspiring and comical.”

    Tina Mendez Travel photography class participant
  • “I really learned a lot and expect my photos to improve markedly.”

    Ann Allen
  • “Knowledgeable, interesting, helpful.”

    Elaine Noce
  • “This was my first trip with Ralph. I enjoyed it tremendously and wish I could go back.  I loved Cuba and the Cuban people.  The photographic opportunities are infinite.  Ralph’s familiarity with Cuba and his relationships with people there opened up extra doors for us to get to know the people and the place.   I would definitely recommend going if you have the opportunity.”

    Marion Steeg One on One and Cuba tour participant
  • “I’ve taken 2 trips with Ralph now, one to Spain and one to Cuba.  He leads wonderful trips with a great mix of structured activities and plenty of free time to do your own thing.  He is very knowledgeable in finding great locations for shooting as well as giving excellent technical advice.  I can definitely recommend one of his tours for anyone whether they are interested in photography or not.”

    Connie T. Spain, Tuscany and Cuba tours participant
  • “My husband and I attended the LA Travel show, and you were the highlight of it. We enjoyed your presentation a lot and we felt like you gave a lot of wonderful tips! Thank you so much for sharing!”

    Molly G. Travel show participant
  • “Imagine being on a crowded side street in Havana and your instructor stops by just to check in with you, to make sure you’re getting the shots you want and most importantly that you’re having fun learning your gear. Ralph never forgets that he’s there to teach.  On the bus?  A quick lecture.  Waiting for a tour to start? A quick photo review.  In the elevator?  A question or two about the day, what went well for me and what would I like to work on for the next day. Truly, I’d travel to the ends of earth to photograph with Ralph.”

    Liz R. Cuba, Central Europe and Egypt tours participant
  • “Thanks for a fun and informative tour!  I got my best shots ever of Millennium Park and architecture along the Chicago River.  I tend to get lost in the mechanics of taking photos, so I particularly appreciate that you actively check results, give advice on photo opportunities and composition, and organize posting of participant’s photos afterwards so we can see other’s work and read your critiques.  The cultural aspect is a bonus–though I grew up in the Chicago area, your tour was a great way to better appreciate the history and atmosphere of the city.  Thanks again for sharing your photographic expertise and regional knowledge.”

    Keith Gorlen Chicago and San Francisco tours participant
  • "An amazing travel experience. Not only was Cuba beautiful, but Ralph taught me how to capture that beauty in a photograph. His knowledge and understanding of Cuba and the Cuban people was evident and greatly appreciated. I couldn’t have asked for a better guide to lead me in my discovery of Cuba.”

    Zoe Caplan Cuba tour participant
  • “This is my second class with Ralph.  I am amazed at how much I continue to learn from each session.”

    Richard S. Travel photography class and Photography Boot Camp participant
  • “Ralph is great at helping me think through composition.  Lots of great insight into framing a scene.”

    Neil K. Egypt and Central Europe tours participant
  • “I have joined Ralph Velasco for two walking tours: San Francisco and Chicago. Ralph’s walking tours provide much more than an opportunity to take photos. His insight, wit and frequent comments help each individual improve the way he or she sees photo opportunities and the ability to translate the vision to a photograph. The tours are fun, productive and enlightening.”

    Bob Stine 101 Photography Tips Book reader, Chicago and San Francisco tours participant
  • “I really enjoyed last night’s class and look forward to using your experiential notes (and the tips in your book) to help me ‘think outside the camera’ on our upcoming trip.”

    Denise Gowell Travel photography class participant
  • “I took Ralph Velasco’s ‘Basic Travel Photography’ class on April 26, 2010. The lecture portion of the class was very helpful and well presented. Following the lecture was a slide show of Ralph’s work allowing us to see the techniques he lectured on. The class ended with a discussion and display of equipment the instructor carries when on photo trips. Overall, I feel the class was interesting, well presented and relevant. I am sure that if I apply the techniques Ralph exposed us to in class, I will become a better photographer.”

    John Santy Travel photography class participant
  • “Ralph is very knowledgeable and a true seasoned photographer.  He’s great to listen to.”

    Anonymous Travel photography class participant
  • “Ralph was very knowledgeable about his subject and did a great job sharing that info with the class.  I’m better off for the experience!”

    Ann S. Travel photography class participant
  • “Very organized, logical sequence of information given and of photo examples of the information.  Beautiful photography.”

    Suzette T. Travel photography class participant
  • “Really enjoyed how you made your tips seem so simple and doable.  Also your theme of “it’s not the camera” was great.  You energized me to go out and take more pictures.  Your enthusiasm for photography is contagious!”

    Trish San Francisco Photo Walking Tour participant
  • “Thank you for a great walking tour last Sunday. That was my first time over the Golden Gate bridge and I have lived in the Bay Area for most of my life.  It was great to meet you and absorb all of your Photography knowledge.”

    Jamie Schlieper San Francisco Photo Walking Tour participant
  • “After attending, Improve Your Travel Photography with Ralph, I could not wait to shoot. I left the class more prepared, knowledgeable, and excited for my trip to Japan and photography in general.”

    Jenner Yamane-Woodring Travel photography class participant
  • “[Ralph] has a well-organized presentation, loaded with examples and photographs.  He speaks well (no ums, ahs, uhs) for the whole time…no breaks.  And at the very end, he unpacks his camera travel bag and shares all his tips — then allows as much time as needed for Q & A’s.  He is a keeper!”

    Anonymous Student at Saddleback College Travel photography class participant
  • “More than my money’s worth.  Would definitely come to another class by Ralph.  I really appreciate the information that you gave. I’ve spent hundreds, probably thousands of dollars on books and online instruction over the past 2 and a half years, since I got back into photography, but for some reason, your class resonated with something in me and really opened me up.  And my confidence was through the roof!  Basically, if I don’t walk away with at least (3) things that I’m going to put into practice, I’ve wasted my money and my time, so I’m extremely happy with the instruction that I received from you and am obviously looking forward to spending more time under your tutelage. Even my family and friends have noticed the difference.”

    Denise Cross Travel photography class, Chicago and San Diego by Train tours participant
  • “I really enjoyed your walking tour in Newport, your expert tips, and the nice group of people. I look forward to future lessons from you.”

    C.L. Newport Beach Photo Walking Tour participant
  • “I really appreciate your ‘user friendly’ approach to your classes and info.”

    Jim F. One on One and Photography Boot Camp participant
  • “Excellent presentation.  I can’t think of any suggestions.  It was very good. 🙂  Really enjoyed the variety of photos shown, plus the presentation and instructor’s knowledge.  Very informative and fun to hear info and learning the material.  I’m motivated to take better photos!”

    Julie M. Travel photography class participant
  • “Ralph, I took your travel photography class at Irvine Fine Arts last year and just got back from a month in Tanzania. It was a volunteer trip, plus a safari and a photography dream. Many of your suggestions popped into mind and were so useful while I was there: using another person to pose in front of the subject you really want, shooting diagonally, photographing signs/food/street scenes. Thanks so much.”

    Carla G. Travel photography class participant
  • “I contacted Ralph Velasco after reading an article about him in the Daily Pilot, a Costa Mesa local paper.  I signed [up] and went with him and three other people to Temecula to do some photo shoots of the balloon launch.  Ralph was helpful, very organized and even facilitated a pickup for me for the long ride to Temecula.  I learned a lot and plan to do other trips with him.  He also has a good sense of humour, an added plus.”

    Christine C. Temecula Balloon Festival
  • “I attended two of Ralph’s Photo Walking Tours.  They were intimate and well organized.  Ralph gave us plenty of time to take photographs and he was quite patient with each of the participants.  These tours also included a subsequent photo review session (each of us were required to bring our top 10 images).  This review session gave us the opportunity to learn from each other in a fun and comfortable atmosphere.  I highly recommend his Photo Tours and plan to attend more in the future.  Thank you Ralph!”

    Shaddi K. Anza-Borrego and San Diego by Train tours participant
  • “Both Ken and I found [working with you] very helpful and we are looking forward to putting the information to use in Alaska.”

    S.O'H. Cuba, Joshua Tree and Chicago tours participant
  • “I am just beginning to learn about the other aspects of my camera beyond the standard “point and shoot”.  Working with Ralph one on one was invaluable.  He took the time to answer my questions about basic camera usage as well as tips and suggestions on settings, lenses, etc.  We then went down to the beach and shot some sunset pictures.  It was extremely helpful to have Ralph look at what I was doing and then ask how I could make it better.  I would recommend spending the 2 hours one on one….it was well worth it!!”

    Mary S. Temecula Balloon Festival and One on One participant
  • “I appreciate the time spent explaining all the various aspects of my camera.  You are a good teacher and patient too :)”

    B.B. Local Photo Walking Tour participant
  • “PhotoWalkingTours exceeded all my expectations.  Learning how to use my new D-SLR camera with Ralph was the best thing ever, I’m really happy about my pictures results, I really enjoyed the way Ralph gives his teaching, kindly and professional.  I really reached a new level taking photos. Framing, focusing and lighting are the essential things about taking great pictures and Ralph taught me about it and resolved all my questions.  Thanks a lot, great tour.”

    Daniel A. One on One local Photo Walking Tour participant
  • “I am so thrilled I was told about the photo walking tour with Ralph. He was eager to answer all of my questions and encouraged creativity while teaching me how to get the most out of my camera. I am now even more enthusiastic about pursuing my passion for photography.”

    Jessica Local Photo Walking Tour participant
  • “Very informative and fun….Ralph has an approachable and humorous style…”

    M.L. Photography Boot Camp participant
  • “I had a great time, and I learned a lot about my camera. Thanks!”

    Donna A. Local Photo Walking Tour participant
  • “Thank you again for a great day out!”

    Angela D. Local Photo Walking Tour participant
  • “I really learned a lot. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

    Jessica W. Local Photo Walking Tour participant
  • “The photowalking tour was very great since it gives me the opportunity to learn how to use the camera at the very basic level where I’m comfortable [and] continue learning myself with the new features of the DSLR Camera.  It gives me something to be inspired to look for photo opportunity and be ready to take good photos.”

    K. Truong Local Photo Walking Tour participant
  • “This was a wonderful experience, Ralph is very knowledgeable. He helped with some general information about the camera that was extremely helpful. He has a terrific ability to point out simple techniques that made my photos much more enjoyable and enriching. This is a beautiful area of Orange County and the morning was a perfect time to capture and photograph this area. The tour was well thought out and gave an amateur like me several interesting locations to photograph. Highly recommend it. Enjoy!!”

    Ross P. Corona del Mar Photo Walking Tour participant
  • “For an amateur who only knows how to point and click, I got so much insight on just how to frame and take the best picture possible. I am a better photographer from taking the tour and Ralph is a great teacher with a good eye. Usually would feel intimidated by being around a professional, but I truly had a great time on the tour!! Being a Visitor Concierge, I would recommend for tourists as well as residents wanting to get a different point of view of their hometown.”

    E. Stapley Local Photo Walking Tour participant
  • “Not only did I have fun during this walking tour, I learned a great deal from Ralph. His experience was evident, his patience appreciated and his friendly, easygoing nature was a perfect fit for an aspiring, but sometimes totally intimidated photographer like myself.  This tour will get you looking at Newport Beach in a way you never have and I’ve got some amazing shots to prove it.”

    Niyaz P. Local Photo Walking Tour participant
  • “I live in Orange County and am familiar with many of the photo walking tour sights, but seeing it through an instructor's eyes was a whole new experience. Rather than taking a picture on the run in the heat of the day, Ralph showed me the difference the light made, the importance of looking up, around, behind and under the objects that I feel are worthy of a shot. I appreciated the expertise, being able to slow down and enjoy the beautiful beach location and am looking forward to capturing future travel shots with a new perspective.”

    Margaret K. Local Photo Walking Tour participant
  • “This is a great tour. Ralph Velasco will tailor it to fit your needs. He delivers a great amount of information in the time allotted. He gives you pointers along the route and allows time for you to use them. I got some really great shots and I learned a lot.”

    Anonymous Local Photo Walking Tour participant
  • "Essence of a Place is a quick read that will give you some great ideas to improve your travel photography, but it will also inspire you to buy a ticket and hit the road! I highly recommend it!"

    Neil Kristianson Essence of a Place Reader, Central Europe and Egypt tours participant
  • "Just finished reading Essence of a Place. Very enjoyable photo book and very helpful education book, all between the same covers! I highly recommend it to anyone who travels; whether around their own town, or around the world. I like the layout: photos with their accompanying shot list entry (if you don't know what a shot list is, this book is a must!), followed by how and why Ralph took the shot."

    Bob Stine Essence of a Place reader, San Francisco and Chicago tours participant
  • "Thanks so much for writing this beautiful book. It has opened my eyes and taught me how to really see a place, and how to capture images that not only show how a place looks, but also how it feels."

    Doreen Miller Essence of a Place Reader, Chicago and Cuba tours participant
  • "Essence of a Place is an invaluable tool designed to help bring back those images that might otherwise go unnoticed when wandering around a foreign locale...this is a helpful eBook for any photographer."

    A. Pond Essence of a Place and 101 Photography Tips Reader, Cuba, Central European Christmas Markets, Death Valley, Joshua Tree and Chicago tours participant
  • "Worth every penny, even at full price."

    Steven Barber 101 Photo Tips Book reader
  • "Ralph, I am so impressed how well you write with clarity...simple and direct to things that really work well for all of us."

    Jerry Hug 101 Photo Tips Book reader
  • "I just wanted to let you know that I attended the travel show in the Bay Area recently and one of the presentations I found most valuable was the one by Ralph Velasco of PhotoEnrichment.com. His program was informative and engaging and added significantly to my travel show experience. Thank you."

    Teresa Keller Bay Area Travel Show Attendee
  • "Just a quick note to let you know how thoughtful, worthwhile and entertaining we found Ralph Velasco's presentation at the Santa Clara Travel Show.  We saw Ralph's presentation at a previous show and hope that you will invite him back for next year's show."

    Tom and Connie Scatchard Bay Area Travel Show Attendees
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed traveling to Lapland with PhotoEnrichment Adventures. I had a unique and memorable trip and feel I got a great value for money--- and some awesome photos!"

    Jen Bianco Arctic Adventure to Lapland 2016 participant
  • "[Lapland] was a place I never thought of going to until I saw this tour, since I wouldn't have had the slightest idea of where to stay or arranging all these fun local activities, like dog sledding and ice fishing, which were incredibly fun. It was also nice to have only 2 hotels so we had a home base in each location and could get around and see a lot of the attractions in the local area."

    Beverly Houwing Arctic Adventure to Lapland 2016 participant
  • "This trip exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed being around people who share the common interest of photography, the hands on learning experience, and the overall unique culture and landscape of Sweden & Finland. I am very happy to say that I gained more confidence as a photographer as well as more awareness of great photo opportunities. I highly recommend PhotoEnrichment Adventures and I'm looking forward to my next trip!"

    Sam Nguyen Arctic Adventure to Lapland 2016 participant
  • "Stockholm and Lapland were everything I envisioned they would be and more! PhotoEnrichment Adventures really provided us with an amazing opportunity to experience so much of what these cultures have to offer. I particularly loved exploring the charming and historic Gamla Stan and artsy and vibrant Sodermalm in Stockholm. Lapland was truly magical (and not just because of the Northern Lights): the people were welcoming and friendly; the food tasty and varied; and Mother Nature gave us endless opportunities to capture her beauty. with the pristine and beautiful landscapes. Ralph and our local guide Alessandro really worked hard to give us a unique and memorable experience. I am so happy I chose to explore this part of the world with PhotoEnrichment Adventures."

    Michelle Orsi Arctic Adventure to Lapland 2016 participant
  • "The key thing I feel about Ralph's tours is that I don't feel like a tourist."

    Patrick Monahan Copper Canyon, Iceland, Spain, Cambodia, Baltics, Adriatic and other PEA tours articipant
  • "My trip to Copper Canyon, Mexico, was really an eye opener. It is a destination that was never on my radar until PhotoEnrichment Adventures started going there. While there you get to see a side of Mexico that never gets mentioned. The landscape was beautiful and the rolling clouds made for great photos. Another highlight was meeting and interacting with the native Tarahumara people in their cave homes. They were very welcoming to us. We were able to go inside their homes and take as many photos as we wished."

    Patrick Monahan Copper Canyon, Iceland, Cambodia, Vietnam, Spain, Cuba and other trip participant.
  • "This was my 3rd trip with Ralph. His tours are always well planned & organized. Ralph is calm, patient and very helpful. Copper Canyon is as spectacular as he describes; hiking to an amazing waterfall, zip lining Mexico's longest zip line thru the Canyon or you can simply ride the cable car. The local Tarahumara people are shy, but warm and friendly. If you're from the U.S., Copper Canyon is in your backyard, a highly recommended tour for anyone with a sense of adventure (or not)."

    Silvia Bautista Cambodia, Morocco, Copper Canyon tour participant.
  • "Ralph's Danube, Cuba, Joshua Tree, Chicago and the Photography Boot Camp. All great experiences. Stand-out experiences: Cesky Krumlov, Baracoa and Chicago, of course."

    Gary Strange Chicago, Danube River, Joshua Tree and Cuba tour participant
  • "We loved our first trip with Ralph, and it has taken us 4 years to coordinate timing for another, but we are set in 2017 to go to Morocco with him! Love the small group size and the combination of planned events and lots of free time!"

    Nancy Stastny Miller Cuba program participant
  • "Ralph's trips are some of the best I have ever been on. You will experience meeting the people of the country, taste the food, have great travel partners and of course get help with your photos. I have had 8 trips with Ralph and am looking forward to another trip soon."

    Carol Lloyd Spain, Cuba, Romania, Danube River, Cambodia and other tours participant
  • "I just wanted to let you know that I attended the travel show in the Bay Area recently and one of the presentations I found most valuable was the one by Ralph Velasco of PhotoEnrichment.com. His program was informative and engaging and added significantly to my travel show experience. Thank you."

    Teresa Keller Bay Area Travel Show Attendee
  • “When I think about the time we spent in Romania, I envision traveling back in time 75 to 100 years. The experiences you arranged for us enabled us to see the unique ways people lived a century ago; I mean, barrel-makers, wood carvers, sheep herders, mushroom and potato pickers (BTW, I still taste the porcini mushrooms…mmmmm, they were delicious). Thank you … I think you planned an incredible and most enjoyable trip.”

    Marilyn Citron Romania tour participant
  • "The Vietnam: North to South trip this year was run by professionals who care about their business. The pacing of the trip was excellent. The itinerary is well thought out. Accommodations and travel is top-notch. A real highlight is the magic balance between organized activity and time on your own. The trip is good value, and the extra sights from time on your own just makes it better."

    Doug Walkey Vietnam 2016 participant
  • “Thanks so much Ralph. I so enjoyed the trip and you are an amazing organizer and teacher.  I was so pleased because I was not really sure what to expect on this kind of organized trip. For me it was the ideal combo of organized stuff and free time. Everything was just great and top notch. I speak from the heart and I truly mean that… .your trip was amazing, awesome, well organized and everything you could dream of.  I can’t stop talking about it to everyone! I consider myself so lucky to have met you and I had the experience of a lifetime on your trip.”

    Chris Payant Vietnam 2016 participant
  • "An excellent mix of sites (i.e. markets in the cities) and scenery (Halong bay and the Hoi An boat rides). Lots to photograph. Really enjoyed the free time as well.  I've got to tell you, I love to travel, and this is the best trip I've ever taken in my life."

    Tom Curley Vietnam 2016 participant
  • "Thank you for a fantastic trip."

    Jeff Dovitz Vietnam 2016 participant
  • “The best tour I’ve ever been on. This is the way to see and experience Vietnam.”

    Jeff Dovitz Vietnam 2016 participant
  • "While India is a country that I always wanted to visit, planning a trip seemed overwhelming. However, since I have traveled with PhotoEnrichment Adventures several times I jumped at the chance to visit India using their well-planned agenda.  I knew all the details of the trip would be taken care of so I could enjoy the attractions and focus on photography. In a country that can be rather chaotic, it was great to know that all the details, from air-conditioned bus rides, to boutique hotels, were there for me."

    Patrick Monahan Cambodia, Vietnam, Iceland, Spain and other tours participant
  • "This was an amazing trip and I am so glad I did it. I learned a lot about Morocco, its wonderful people, the rich culture... and that dates comes from Palm Trees. I also learned a lot about photography and ways I can improve the 'storytelling' about my trip. The best compliments I have received from family back home have been 'I felt like I was there with you'.
    Ralph is a wonderful photo trip leader... he spends as much time with you as you need and provides some great tips and advice that anyone can use. I highly recommend the Mystical Morocco tour and can't wait to take more trips with Ralph."
    Kim Wong Morocco tour participant
  • "Ralph's Cuba trip is fantastic!!!"

    Laura M. Cuba
  • "If you are thinking about a trip to Cuba, do yourself a big favor and go with Ralph!"

    Colleen B. Cuba
  • "Highly recommended!"

    Eleonore S. Cuba
  • "This was my first trip with Ralph. Kinda of a short test trip. Was so good I have been on 4 more trips in 3 years with him. The leader makes all the difference and Ralph is the best!!"

    John K. Cuba, Copper Canyon, Vietnam, Iceland
  • "Still one of the best trips and smartest things we ever did."

    Paul and Nancy M. Cuba and Morocco
  • "What a fantastic trip! I did this Cuba tour with Ralph in 2013. Having someone who knows the country and who has many contacts there, makes all the difference. If you've been considering Cuba, do it! You won't be disappointed. It's an amazing experience and the people are wonderful."

    George M. 2013 Cuba
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to the Baltic capitals! The group was small and compatible, and we learned about history and places of interest from the local guides. I particularly enjoyed the cultural focus. Ralph helped us with our photography questions and gave us tips throughout the trip to help us get good pictures. We had good food and drink, and - best of all - our group had a lot of fun!"

    Vivian N. 2017 Baltics
  • "A great trip to a lesser-known corner of the world."

    Laurie K. 2017 Baltics, Cambodia, Copper Canyon, Cuba, Morocco
  • "Ralph offers a trip with a great blend of cultural exposure and photography. There is a great balance of active and leisure time on his trips, so you get an overview of town in the morning and the chance to find something on your own in the afternoon. I'd recommend this trip to anyone who loves to meet local people, have some unique experiences, get some good pictures, and get to know other travelers."

    Karin W. 2017 Baltics
  • "This was a wonderful trip, thoughtfully planned. These are amazing countries to visit, each with a unique history and culture. The local guides were personable and extremely informative. Ralph is a fantastic tour leader - full of energy and genuinely interested in the places we visited. He was helpful in assisting me to capture the beauty of these places in my photographs. I highly recommend this trip."

    Donald S. 2017 Baltics
Photo collage Various Trips

Why Travel With Us?

  • Our trips are made up of small groups (6 to 11 participants maximum).
  • We have more than 10 years of experience organizing and leading well over 100 tours around the world.
  • We take you to distant, but very reachable, locations.
  • Our trips are an overall experience, not just focused on photography, but also on the distinctive food, drink, music, people and other cultural aspects of each place.
  • All trips are thoroughly scouted in advance by PEA Founder Ralph Velasco.
  • On average we provide a half-day of scheduled group activities…
  • …as well as plenty of free time to experience each place on your own so that you can pursue personal interests that aren’t on the itinerary, i.e. visit a museum or royal palace, see a play, get a spa treatment or simply sit in a café or by the pool and relax.
  • Not all meals are included so that you can discover new restaurants and markets on your own, and you won’t feel like you have to be with the group 24/7.
  • Participants get the benefits of small group travel, at big group prices.
  • There’s lots of camaraderie in a group, and it’s a great way to make new friends and even to learn from each other.
  • All the details are taken care of in advance, so all you have to do is show up and enjoy the ride!
Ralph Velasco Working with Tour Participant
Ralph working with a participant in Morocco. Photo by Lois Brassart.

More Reasons to Join a PhotoEnrichment Adventures Trip

  • On most days we’re out early, not necessarily for sunrise, but before the heat of the day and rush of the crowds, so you can concentrate on photographing the locals, not avoiding tourists.
  • Keeping our overall travel schedule in mind our goal is to put you in the right place at the right time whenever we can.
  • We provide important travel and location-specific information in advance on what to expect and how to prepare for your trip.
  • In most places we stay at centrally-located, boutique hotels, often with pools, spas, free Wi-Fi and great food (breakfast is always included).
  • Along with making sure you’re introduced to the highlights of each destination, Ralph goes out of his way to search for unique and culturally rich experiences to share with our guests, ones that get you off-the-beaten-path and that you’ll talk about for years to come.
  • A country is its people and so Ralph and his guides will always do their best to help you get to know and interact with the locals, and perhaps even get inside their homes and/or places of business to learn about their unique ways of life.

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