Camel Ride in the Sahara with Mystical Morocco Group

Not long ago I led our Mystical Morocco trip with a sold out group, and as always, one of the highlights of the trip is a sunrise camel ride in the desert.

Outside the town of Erfoud, near Merzouga, we stayed at a hotel called Auberge du Sud, which is in the Erg Chebbi, or shadow of the dunes.  From the front steps of the hotel one gazes upon a seemingly endless sea of sand, some dunes rising hundreds of meters in the air.

This video was made with clips I captured on my iPhone 6 during our camel ride, and put together with the Memories feature in the Photos  app.  This is a wonderful way to easily put together a video or slideshow (or a hybrid) of content already on your phone.

I tried to capture a variety of video for the app to choose from, using different angles, wide, medium and closer up perspectives, pure shadows, the group with shadows, me in the frame and others.  I also moved the camera with the action, but more importantly tried to keep the camera still (as much as one can on a camel) and let the action happen in front of my lens.

Have you been to Morocco, and/or been on a camel in the desert?

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