Cuba Bound, You Just Never Know

Trinidad, Cuba - A Man with a Coin in His Ear

That's a 25 centavo coin in this man's ear.

In preparation for my next trip to Cuba in about a week and a half, I started to go over some of the images from my last trip there.  This image of a man in Trinidad de Cuba, on the country’s southern coast, has always been a favorite of mine from that trip.

The story goes that I was walking along the colonial streets of Trinidad looking for photo opportunities when I saw this man with a huge cigar in his mouth walking down the street.  Just as I brought my camera up to get the shot, he unfortunately took the cigar out of his mouth.  I do like the way the shot came out in the end, though.  I was able to capture this interesting gentleman, with a really great straw hat and simple blue shirt, well-positioned against a wonderfully textured, but rather neutral and complimentary pink wall.

In looking at this image more closely upon my return, I noticed that what at first I thought was a hearing aid or piece of cotton in his left ear was actually a 25 centavo Cuban coin.  I never found out why he would have a coin in his ear, but you can be sure I’ll be asking that question when I return.

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