Ideal for travelers of all photography skill levels, My Shot Lists for Travel is the perfect tool for developing and tracking a well-rounded collection of images that truly captures the essence of a place.

If you’ll incorporate this app into your daily shooting routine you’re sure to have friends and family asking you to share your portfolio, website or slideshow, not the other way around!


  • Packed with over 50 wide-ranging categories for travel photography, including descriptions and sample images.
  • Essential for creating and tracking images that inspire, whether traveling around the world or around the corner.
  • Effortlessly develop custom shot lists for any destination or shooting environment.
  • Suggested shot lists for City, National Park, Safari and Town or Village give users a starting point to work from.
  • Recall vital details or insert reminders by adding Notes to any shot list.
  • Add detailed Notes to each category or image, as well.
  • Use the My Data feature to track your progress by taking sample photos for each category from within the app to act as a visual list.
  • Seamlessly make use of your device’s internal camera capabilities.
  • For a creative test, take advantage of the Challenge Me feature and have the app randomly select a category for you to focus on that day or week.
  • Provides a framework for developing a well-rounded assortment of pictures.
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface.
  • Benefits all travelers, regardless of photography skill level or type of equipment used.

My Shot Lists for Travel guides you towards creating an overall cultural portrait of a place and provides the basis for compelling and interesting images of which you can be proud.

Boring and “postcard” shots will be a thing of the past when you…



iPhone 5 My Shot List
Default Shot ListsMy Shot Lists for Travel comes complete with suggested shot lists for City, National Park, Safari and Town or Village. Use each list as a starting point when shooting in these or similar situations.
iPhone 5 All Categories
Custom Shot ListsCreate your own shot lists tailored to wherever you’re traveling. The app was designed to provide a framework for developing a well-rounded collection of photos that truly captures the essence of a place.
iPhone 5 My Data Natural Wonders
Track Your PhotosTake advantage of My Data to easily track your progress. Create a visual list of photos you’ve taken, either by using the device’s internal camera capabilities or selecting an existing photo in your Camera Roll or one of your Photo Albums.
iPhone 5 Markets Description
Add Categories to a ListNow that you’ve created a shot list you can insert additional categories to that list to tailor it to your particular needs. For your convenience, only categories not already on your list will be available to add, the others will be grayed out.
iPhone 5 Share
Share Your ImagesNow you can share your images to Facebook, Twitter and/or via E-mail, all from within the app.

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